Charlestown RI Recycle Center

4540 South County Trail

Charlestown, RI.  02813


Recycling Policy! 

Unlike many cities and towns in the state of Rhode Island, Charlestown has their residents either drop off the recycling and garbage at public works office building, where they have a recycling and waste disposal area, or to pay a private company to haul away their recycling and trash. They are also suppose to be separated. This forces their residents to separate the recycling into aluminum, plastic, and paper. However, it looks like more states are going to be switching to this method, as it's easier for the recycling centers to discard what may not be recyclable and actually recycle more materials. As always, all materials must be washed throughly before being placed in the proper bins.

It's also important to note that according to Charlestown policies, "Solid waste materials mixed with recyclables will not be accepted at the town's CRCC." This forces more residents to want recycle, instead of throwing it all in the trash! For more information on specifics about the recycling and waste policies please visit HERE!! 

Compost Policy

Now Charlestown doesn't have curbside Compost, but The Compost Planet is a private company where they will pick up your food scraps, and in return will drop off some compost for your garden. This is the first Commercial Compost System, so their prices are expensive, but all of the information can be found HERE!! But it looks like composting is popular in the state of Rhode Island, and many have their own personal compost pile that help feed their garden with fresh soil. 

Package Free Shopping 

Charlestown RI doesn't have any Package free stores. Here are the ones I was able to found using Bea Johnson's Bulk App online. 

Alternative Food Cooperative

357 Main St

Wakefield, Rhode Island


Belmont Market

600 Kingstown Road

Wakefield , Rhode Island


Maize nā€™ Manna

40 High Street

Westerly , Rhode Island

Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island

63 Canal Street

Westerly, Rhode Island