Westport CT Recycling Center

300 Sherwood Island Connector, Westport CT, 06880


Recycling Policy: Westport CT 

Westport CT has a streamline recycling. Streamline recycling is one of the most popular because it takes more different types of plastic and paper items. This includes any plastics from 1-7 (7 means miscellaneous plastics, including plastics that aren't numbered), this DOES NOT include Styrofoam or plastic bags, chipboard products including cereal boxes and shoe boxes, all junk mail, aseptic containers, including milk and juice cartons and single service juice boxes, and aerosol cans that contain food or cosmetic products (not paint, automotive or chemical products such as pesticides). Side Note: This may change due to China's new policy, but as of January 25. 2018, this hasn't changed.

However, it's important to note that recycled materials aren't allowed to be placed in a plastic bag according to their policy and ALL RECYCLED ITEMS MUST BE CLEAN. When the items are brought to the facility they do go through 2 different rinse cycles, but these cycles only help get rid of surface junk like dust and little pieces of food. And China isn't allowing for any items with food or other junk on them to be allowed into the country to be recycled.

Where to Recycle Plastic Bags

The recycling center will also take Electronics to be recycled, full list is here


How To Recycle Items HERE

And a complete video on how to recycle in CT below: