Fairfax County Recycling


9850 Furnace Rd, Lorton, VA 22079


How to Recycle? 

Fairfax County VA definitely doesn't make it easy on their citizens to see how to recycle properly. Especially since you can pay for Trash and Recycle collection for 34 dollars a month or return your recycling to the main recycling center. Unfortunately, this allows people to get lazy and not recycle as much as they should. However, this also usually means that curb side recycling will take more items than "free" curb side recycling services. 

For those of you who would like to recycle, there are some rules that you should follow. 

What is allowed to be Recycled? 

Please make sure that all of your items have been rinsed and cleaned throughly before placing them in the bin. Also do not put your items in a plastic bag, as those cannot be sorted at the recycling center. I recommending storing them in a paper bag. 

Cans, paper (that's not shredded), plastic 1-7 (accept styrofoam and plastic bags, aluminum, aerosol cans/sprays (that didn't contain flammable or hazardous chemicals ie. hairspray, pesticide, cleaner), batteries (click on the word for more details), bicycles (collected to be donated to Bikes for the World what what?!), boxes, brick, cardboard, cartons, and many more! Please check out the main Fairfax County Residential website Here, for how to donate, get rid of, or even recycle all objects that you will find in your home. They even connect you with different non-profits that will help you donate your used items to people in need! 

They also have a ton of information on how you can start your own compost HERE!

Bulk Stores: 

Now, in order to save money you can purchase your items in either compostable packing or package free in the bulk section. Now the majority of fruits and veggies can be found package free. Just as long as you don't use the plastic baggies to hold them in. 

When putting items in your own bag, make sure you find the tare weight of your bags. By weighting your bags without anything in them, you will find the tare weight, which will be substituted from the overall weight, to ensure that you are only paying for what you bought. Now, I will also write down or take a picture of the Serial Number, bring it to the cashier and have them manually put it in when I go to check out. This way you avoid the stickers that you see people slap on the bag. These stickers make the plastic bags non recyclable. 

Whole Foods is an amazing place to start. The will usually have rice, beans, grains, legumes nuts, seeds, and granola in bulk. Many of them also have pasta, berries, dried fruit, and even chocolate in bulk. I definitely recommend if you aren't sure about where to start, start at Whole Foods. 

Local Whole Foods are found at 4501 Market Commons Dr in Fairfax, Virginia/ 8402 Old Keene Mill Rd Springfield, Virginia/ 7511 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, Virginia/ 2700 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, Virginia/ 1700 Duke Street Alexandria, Virginia/ 

Additional Organic Stores: 

Mom's Organic Market at 2910 District Avenue Fairfax, Virginia/ Capital Teas 2910 District Ave Fairfax, Virginia/ The Fresh Market 150 Branch Road SE Vienna, Virginia/ Mom's Organic Market 424 Elden Street Herndon, Virginia/ Nall's Produce 7310 Beulah Street Alexandria, VA/ Mom's Organic Market 14470 Smoketown Rd. Woodbridge, VA/ Wegmans 14801 Dining Way Woodbridge, VA/ 

This will continue to be updated as I get new information from people or do my own research. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at info@zeroinginblog.com!