Volunteering Can Make A Difference!


According to sources, in the last year only about 13 percent of young professionals ranging from 18-29 years old have held some sort of volunteer position in their local community. As a young professional who continues to feel passionate about various issues, these numbers blew my mind. Why aren’t more adults my age getting involved in organizations that are actively fighting for what they believe in? This is especially shocking as many people who enter the zero waste lifestyle then want a job working with some sort of environmental organization, zero waste business, plant based doctor, or any other job that would more likely align with their values.

It may seem easier to just re-post or like a super long message on social media, but does that really make a difference? Is the zero waste lifestyle itself enough for us to make an impact, or should we take it a step further? Can we actually engage with the people in our community if we are constantly staring at our computers or phones scrolling through social media? Is it worth our energy to have cyber fights with strangers who don’t agree with our opinons or values to make them realize that these issues are important? All of these questions are important when it comes to figuring out whether or not you feel like you are actually making a difference in your community and the planet!

In this section I will discuss my volunteer experience, how you can get involved, how your volunteer experience could lead to a job that you are passionate about, and personal stories from people who have volunteered (and continue to volunteer) for their local community and around the world.