Zero Waste


Zero Waste Is A Mindset Not A Reality!


When you research zero waste you see people who have curated a trash free life that seems glorious and perfect. Especially since they are able to fit months and years worth of trash into a small mason jar. What?! So when you started your zero waste journey you probably realized very quickly, that it is super difficult/ impossible to fit that perfect glorious zero waste mold. This has left you stressed, frustrated, and disappointed that you must be doing something wrong. You may have gotten into some arguments with family, friends, roommates, partners, etc. Am I right? This story isn’t new. I see it everyday on facebook and other social media platforms.

I also started my zero waste journey the same way. I got super frustrated at myself and the people in my life that I thought were inhibiting me from living this “glorious and perfect” zero waste life. It took me months to realize that the majority of zero wasters don’t live this perfect trash free life because it is impossible. Just because I can’t go to a farmers market all year round doesn’t mean that I can’t be zero waste. It took months for me to realize that there is more to living a zero waste, compassionate, and conscious life without having a trash jar.

Below are some of my favorite articles that could help you begin your transition to a Zero Waste Lifestyle and find out how many ways you can be Zero Waste!!!


Zero Waste Free Staples

You can be Zero Waste without spending any money?! I thought I had to spend hundred of dollars on new mason jars, cotton produce bags, etc. In this list I am debunking many myths on how to live a perfect zero waste life!

How To Travel Zero Waste!

Traveling can be super wasteful- it doesn’t have to be. Sure you may not be able to offset all the carbon emission from the trains, planes, cars, ships, and even buses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference!

A Year Ago, My Phone Screen Cracked… I Didn’t Replace It!

I am talking about my own experience with consumerist and why I have decided to not replace items that still work.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 2.31.22 PM.png


My Zero Waste journey and how you can still be zero waste without a trash jar!!!


The Main Street Zero Waster

Inspired by the book Main Street Vegan by Victoria Moran, I talked about the “normal” zero waste lifestyle and how impossible it is to live 100% completely trash free!

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Confessions of a Zero Waste Mama

This is a guest post by The Mindful Mom Blogapher where she talks about the real moments in her life as a zero waste mom. You can use disposable diapers and still be zero waste because at the end of the day you have to do the best you can.

Here is the full story about why I have decided to go vegan and the reasons that I will sometimes still eat meat despite calling myself vegan.