We should always strive to do more in our life! 


"Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. Only if we help shall they be saved"- Jane Goodall 



New Issue of #ZeroWasteStoryTime

Zero Waste Holiday Season Tips and Tricks!

Photo Credits to: @Naturally_Modern

Photo Credits to: @Naturally_Modern

Afraid to entering the holiday season because of all the possible waste?! I have partnered with three amazing women, activists, and zero waste bloggers to help make your holiday season a little bit more eco-friendly and waste free! Check out all three blog posts below!


Zeroing In 

I have been Zero Waste for over a year and during this time I have learned a ton about sustainable living. Come follow my journey on this blog and learn how to make your daily life a little bit more eco-friendly. 

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Zeroing In on Your Recycling 

Since January 1st 2018, China has started to create stricter rules and regulations around what can be and cannot be recycled. As a result, only about 9% of the US recyclables are actually recycled. In order to ensure that your items are actually recycled, I have curated various guides for many cities and towns around the United States. I am constantly updating the guide and hope to cover as many cities and towns around the United States.

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Zeroing In On Volunteering

Stop focusing on how much trash you produce and start thinking about how you can make an impact in your local community. Being an environmentalist or a zero waster means that you live a life full of compassion for yourself and the others that live on this planet. Do more in your local community and help make a difference! Volunteering is just one of the best ways that can make you feel better about the impact you are having on our planet! 

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#ZeroWasteStoryTime is an online magazine where I collaborate with other zero waste bloggers to bring you information on various topics to help make your transition to a more sustainable life easy and quick! This is your one stop shop for all things Zero Waste, Sustainability, and Environmental Activism! 

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Zeroing In on Your Products!  

I have created a guide for every budget! Whether you are looking to only spend about $5, $10, $20, or even if you are looking to spend no money! I have created several posts and guides that will help you to figure out how to start- or become a more zero waste savy shopper! These tips have helped me save money and make a better impact on our plant! It's a win win! 

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Zeroing In On Your Impact 

One of the first reasons that I started my zero waste journey was because I wanted to make a difference in our planet! I have realized that I couldn't do it by just saving all of my trash to brag around on social media. I wanted to save water, conserve energy, help preserve our natural resources, and help in the fight against climate change! In this section, you will be able to learn the ins and outs around doing the best you can to help make our planet better for future generations. 

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