Forget About Those College Essentials

How To Live a Zero Waste Life In College  



The first year of college is really exciting! It is the inaugural event that pushes you into the adulthood you’re not ready for. You’re a new person, getting a new life and a fresh start. So naturally you’ll want to get all new things for the new dorm. But don’t go crazy! That checklist is bullshit.

The marketing is so convincing. I don’t blame you! Walk into target in August and you’re going to see a whole aisle dedicated to dorm products in bright ass colors - Lamps, throw blankets, mattress toppers, all the hangers, shower caddy’s. You name it, they’ve got it. 

I️ can honestly tell you that the only item that survived my college dorm haul was a throw blanket and I️ keep it in the car. 

Bring what you have: 
Just because your life is going through a big change doesn’t mean your stuff has to! It’s not childish to bring the desk lamp you got freshman year of high school. It’s actually an adult decision to refuse something you don’t need and use what you have. Look, once you graduate, you’re never going to use that hot pink toaster ever again, if it even lasts 4 years! These college dorm items are not meant to last and made with cheap materials so that you can buy more for less. 

You should be saving your money for beer and late night pizza! Not string lights and a shower caddy. 

At the end of the day, no one is going to remember how pretty your dorm looked. Be open to making new friends and focus on your studies.

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Meet the Staff 

Meghan is a modern hippie trying to go zero waste while living at her parent’s house. Beginning her zero waste journey in the beginning of 2017, Meghan has already made big strides to becoming zero waste, but is still making changes every day.  Her blog, called Not Trashy, provides tips and tricks to becoming zero waste and living a more sustainable lifestyle.