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The Screen to My Phone Has Been Cracked for a Year and I Am Not Replacing It Anytime Soon!

That’s right. My iPhone screen has been cracked for a year. As a result, I haven’t been able to use my front camera, as it looks really blurry. When this occurred, I thought that this was the end of the world for my business. In the last year I have continued to expand my following as well as inspire and engage with more around the world! It’s also important to note that my phone case is starting to looking a little bit worn, but I still love it too much to throw it out. The old me would have replaced my iPhone and the case to the newer model as soon as it came out. Now, I am hesitant to replace my phone because it’s so freakin expensive and wasteful. Yes, have you ever realized how wasteful your camera, iphone, computer, and other gadgets you use are to the environment. It’s also important to note that many of these equipment are created in countries that have child laborers and continue to under pay their workers.

According to the EPA, e-waste is the fastest growing municipal waste stream in America, less than 20 percent of unwanted cell phones are recycled each year. This is because no one really knows that your cell phone, computer, and other gadgets can be recycled! But, don’t put them in your curbside recycling bin. Unfortunately, the plastics and electronics found in our cellphones need to be separated. I recommend checking out your local Best Buy and other electronic stores to see if they have a recycling program. If they don’t, or if your electronics are still in good condition, I would sell it to places like Gamestop who professional refurbish phones and computer to resell at a cheaper price. Before you chuck your old phone to purchase the new phone that just released, I want you to ask yourself a few questions.

On Instagram, I asked my followers on Instagram if they could live without their phone, would they replace their cracked screen, would they purchase a new or used phone, and lastly if they could tell that my iphone screen was cracked and that I wasn’t able to do a ton of instagram stories. First of all, no one knew that I wasn’t doing a ton of instagram stories because my phone was cracked. This made me over the moon, and allowed me to realize that my following wasn’t hindered by the lack of instagram stories. On the other hand, I was also shocked that the majority of people said they couldn’t live without their phone. I would also like to mention that the majority of people said that they would purchase a new phone over a used phone. This made me question a ton of different aspects of our society. Why aren’t people okay with purchasing a pre-owned phone instead of a new phone?

Many Zero Wasters have begun to purchase a Pre-Owned or Certified Refurbished Phone for 100 bucks off of Amazon or Craiglist. I thought about that, but how do you know that someone didn’t fix something right or there is a malfunction in the phone that will make it die in the next year. This could result in many people spending more money than they had intended on fixing their phone. In the end, they may even end up purchasing a brand new phone. I have spent hours upon hours trying to figure out if there is another way for me to purchase a phone and computer that I am confident will work, plus have a guarantee of the company in case there are any issues.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a sustainable electronic company in the United States. Now, in Europe there is a phone called the Fairphone. The Fairphone is the only eco-friendly phone that is made up of recycled electronics and is as zero waste as an electronic can be. Unfortunately, this phone is exclusive to Europe, which means that no one in the states can purchase this phone. The phone is also on a big waitlist that could take up to several months to receive. This is amazing, but I live in the United States. I thought long and hard about how I could get a phone that I would feel comfortable with purchasing and that wasn’t brand new. I finally came to a solution.

Despite how wasteful Apple is, I have decided to purchase one of their refurbished iPhones and Computers when mine decides to stop working. The main reason being that I would still get their 1 year warranty and usually the refurbished iphones are extreas or phones that have been returned for an upgrade. I am saving these perfectly good iPhones from going into the garbage/landfill. However, my phone current phone still turns on, sends messages, makes phone calls, and allows me to upload pictures to Instagram. Should I go out and purchase the phone right away or wait until my phone dies?

Yes, I do wish that I could use the front camera for Instagram stories and live streams. At the same time I don’t believe those areas of my business are worth any amount of money. I will not be purchasing anything new until my current gadgets wont turn on anymore. In the meantime I am saving all of my stuff on flash drives, so that I can be prepared whenever that time comes. I am not worried about not having a computer because I already have a plan in place and I love that I don’t believe it’s the end of the world if my gadgets were to die.

I should also mention that having a cracked screen has allowed me to feel like I can live without many of these gadgets. Yes I do believe that I could only live without a computer for a few days because I love being creative and working on new articles, videos, and other content for my blog. I wouldn’t go insane if my computer were to die as I am writing this post. I have also been super careful to make sure that everything is backed-up on a weekly basis. I should also mention that I have lost all of the content of my phone, computer, and camera card countless times. The more you realize how insignificant these aspects are to our lives, the more we begin to feel more present with others and focus less on trying to be perfect.