How to Start Your Zero Waste Journey for Only $10!!!

So many people think that it is expensive to be zero waste. Yes, I don’t believe that zero waste is for everyone. That being said, I believe that we can all be doing more than we think we can. I have created guides that will help people find zero waste essentials that are for every price point. I will attach the free zero waste essentials and the $20 dollar guide below. Today’s post is all about how to be zero waste for only $5 bucks! This is guide is great for the broke college students that want to make a difference, someone who is just getting started, or even kids who want to purchase something with their allowance.

  1. Reusable Tea Bags: Did you know that the majority of tea bags have plastic in them. This is so that the tea bags don’t break when they are in hot water. This also means that you are drinking plastic tea water. Want to still enjoy your cup of tea, I would say that loose leaf tea is the best way to go! However, the metal balls break all the time or get super rusty. I recommend checking out these reusable tea bags! The pack comes with 12 and they are all 100% cotton. They are easy to wash and will last you for many years to come!

  2. Shea Moisture African Black Soap With Butter: Did you know that soap bars are smaller and last longer than soap and shampoo bottles. This soap is filled with natural ingredients, including charcoal that help detoxify the body and shea butter to help keep your body moisturized. Best of all the packaging is made out of paper and you can bring it through TSA security without having to abide by the 3mL rule.

  3. Stainless Steel Straw Set: We can all refuse plastic straws at restaurants and parties! It’s not that difficult, especially since they have metal reusable straws that you can carry in your purse and use anywhere! Even better, this set comes with a straw cleaner to make sure that you clean your straw thoroughly before using it again!

  4. Bamboo Toothbrushes: One of the best and easiest switches that you can make to help make a difference in our environment. Once your done with it you can either chuck it in your compost or use them in your garden to label your plants.

  5. Spork Set: When it comes to going out to eat, traveling, and even attending parties and other activities, it can be difficult to refuse disposable plastic utensils. This spork set is small, compact, made out of bamboo, and you it’s a spork! I feel like a kid again anytime I use a spork! For anyone who is looking for cheap and well made bamboo utensils, here you go!

  6. Toothpaste: This toothpaste is effective, natural, and not toxic if you were to swallow it! Many ingredients such as SLS, Fluoride, and other toxic ingredients can lead to many long term health issues. Best of all it comes in a glass container that you can reuse once finished!

  7. Reusable Produce Bags and Bulk Bags: These cotton bags come in various sizes and are perfect to use for bulk items and produce from the grocery store and farmers market. They are handmade by the etsy seller and come in some amazing and fun colors! Best of all they cost less than 5 bucks for a pack of them! Next time you feel yourself going for the plastic disposable bags to hold your produce items, think again! These bags are washing machine safe and can be used for many years to come!

  8. Shampoo Bars: Shampoo Bars are the best and more natural ways to clean your hair! They will not strip your hair of their natural oils like generic shampoos full of chemicals. This shampoo bars are handmade and packaged in cardboard and paper! Like soap bars they are more convenient to fit in your bag for traveling and fit the TSA requirement because it isn’t a liquid, gel, or cream. This one in particular has tea tree oil and lavender to help clean and nourish your scalp as well as your hair!

  9. Lip Balm: Lip balms are items that not many people think about because they are so cheap and affordable at the drugstore. Since you are ingesting a little bit of it, it can’t be that toxic for you right? Wrong. Generic lip balms are filled with petroleum jelly, fragrances, and other chemicals that you don’t want to be ingesting when you put them on your lips. These lip balms are handmade with natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils! Try these out, your lips will love it!

You don’t have to purchase all of these products to be considered zero waste. However, all of these items will help you lead a more natural and eco-friendly life for very cheap! All of these products can be found on amazon and etsy, this means that you don’t have to waste a ton of gas in order to find any of these products!!! If you don’t have access to any health stores that have these products, then you are able to bring them to you!!! Yes, shipping cause a ton of carbon emission into our environment- however we aren’t perfect, we are doing the best we can do lead a more eco-friendly life!