How to Start Saving the World on Only 20 Dollars!!!!

This is a 20 dollar challenge! My last Zero Waste Beginners Guide was about how people can start this lifestyle without spending any money! Now you have started your lifestyle but, you are looking to make a bigger impact in your local community, but you don’t have a ton of money to spend on fancy safety razors, organic cotton bags, or a ton of mason jars. Here is a list of items that all cost less than 20 bucks to purchase. All of these purchases will help you to further your transition to a zero waste life.

  1. Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson- This book is revolutionary for anyone who wants to live a zero waste life. I read this book during the beginning of my transition to a more eco-friendly life. Not only did it help inspire me to make new things, try new products, and be more creative. It also helped me to

  2. J.R. Liggett Bar Shampoo- I love these shampoo bars because they are filled with natural and simple ingredients. It also cleans my hair very well and is TSA approved for travel! Unlike Lush, these shampoo bars do not have SLS in them or other controversial chemicals. You don’t have to worry about harming the plant or your health!

  3. Soap Nuts and Wool Dryer Balls- Laundry is one of the first things I tackled when it came to my zero waste lifestyle because conventional detergents and dryer sheets have a ton of chemicals in them that have been linked to cancer, mental illnesses, and other health related issues. These Soap Nuts are completely organic and natural way to clean your clothes. The dryer balls help to get rid of the static cling when drying your clothes and also cut down the drying time in half. That means you are also saving electricity and money!

  4. Produce and Bulk Bags- These produce and bulk bags are cheap, easy to clean, and are 100% organic cotton. These bags are on the pricey side of other produce bags. However, the majority of produce bags are made with polyester mesh. When the polyester mesh bags start to rip and can’t be used to hold produce anymore, they have to be thrown away. However, these organic bags can be thrown into the compost to decompose back into the earth! Pay a little bit more for our planet and invest in something that will not last a lifetime in our landfill!

  5. Schmidt Cream Deodorant- I have tried at on of different brands of cream deodorants. There is a reason why I keep coming back to Schmidt. Because it works! This cream deodorant is made with natural products, no nasty chemicals. It allows you to still sweat, whilst also doing an amazing job at covering up the nasty smells of body odor. One jar also lasts me anywhere between 6-12 months, depending on the season and how much I sweat. Best of all, it is TSA approved. That’s right! You don’t have to purchase two different deodorants anymore when you travel!  

  6. Mason Jars- What would a zero waste list be without some handy mason jars! Though you can reuse your old sauce jars. For those who have just started out, I highly recommend picking up a few bigger mason jars to fill with some of your bulk items! These big mason jars are made with sturdy glass, are cheap, and easy to clean! I have also add a link to these amazing mason jars that can be used for meals on the go! Just add your salad stuff into the jar, your dressing in the cap. When you are ready to eat, add the dressing to your salad, shake it up, and your good to go!

  7. Bamboo toothbrushes- As someone with super sensitive teeth that seemed to always be filled with cavities. Everything that my dentist seemed to recommend for me didn’t work at all. When I first heard of the zero waste lifestyle, one of the first things I purchased for myself was a bamboo toothbrush. I loved how well it cleaned my teeth. I don’t think I could ever go back to normal disposable toothbrushes ever again. This more natural alternatives are super soft, yet stiff enough to actually clean your teeth. My dentist has yet to complain or advise that I switch to a new toothbrush. Better yet, my teeth aren’t super sensitive anymore!!!

  8. Emulsion blender- Why purchase a super expensive high speed blender when you can just get a simple and cheap emulsion blender for all of your high speed blending needs! I use my emulsion blender for soups, sauces, banana ice cream, smoothies, and anything else that needs to be blended super well. Best of all, it requires very little electricity and can fit into the drawer!

You don't have to purchase all of these items, but these are just a few of my cheap and trusty items that have helped me live a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle! I hope that some of you find this inspiring and educational! I will have more lists like these for more type of items in the future! Please let me know in the comments if there are any items that I forgot on this list!!!