What's the Big Deal with Cleanses and Detoxes

When people hear the words Detox, Cleanse, De-Stress, Amazing, Passionate, they will immediately jump on board right?! Why not, all of these words sound amazing to us. However, it’s important to note that not everyone needs to go through at “detox” or a “cleanse” because our bodies cleanse and detox naturally. Our kidneys and liver are amazing body parts that actually cleanse themselves on a daily basis. Many doctors advice that by simply drinking plenty of water you are able to flesh out all of the “toxins” from your body.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I put toxins, detox, and cleanse in quotation marks. Well, it’s because I don’t see these words as necessary in our everyday life. Just because you ate a donut, doesn’t mean you need to “detox” and get rid of the bad “toxins” in your body. It’s normal for us to indulge every once in awhile and our bodies are equipped to handle getting rid of the bad sugars and other crap that are in that donut. Side Note: I will also be talking about juice cleanses and other trendy detox and cleanses in future articles. Today’s article will be sticking to the topic of cleansing and detoxing, along with my current month long “cleanse” diet.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I have recently gone to see a naturopath about my acne. During this time, she has advised me on a strict and odd diet, along with some supplements to take. For the next month, I will not be allowed to eat dairy, eggs, gluten, sugar (including honey, agave, and maple syrup), oats, yeast (this includes nutritional yeast), and even limiting my consumption of nuts and seeds, along with garlic, onions, and kale. The reason being that my gut was not feeling its best, as a result my skin was breaking out in very bad harsh cystic acne. This diet is suppose to help me figure out what kind of food sensitivities I have, without having to take a very expensive food sensitivity test. After the month is over, I can start to re-introduce many of the foods back into my diet!

In short, I am not doing this new diet to cleanse my body of “toxins”, but instead to figure out if I have any kind of food sensitivities/allergies. It is vital for us all to know if we have any food allergies, as they can cause us to experience bloating, gut issues, anxiety, weight, depression, and other health related issues. And, FYI I haven’t had a single green juice this entire time. Online, I found tons of lists on various cleanses and detoxes and why a person should go on these cleanses or detoxes. However, it was difficult to find explanations as to what exactly cleanses and detoxes do to our body, how long we should be on them for, and why they are beneficial for us. I find this is the reason that the majority of people just feel like cleanses are used to get rid of toxins in our body. I also believe that you shouldn’t do anything too restrictive of our self without consulting a doctor, naturopath, or even a nutritionist, as you may not be doing it correctly.

I know when I first started my journey to a plant based vegan diet, I didn’t know that B-12 was something I needed to supplement. I just thought that I got everything I needed from plants. Boy was I wrong. The same goes for a detox or a cleanse. You can read a bunch of trendy articles, but if you aren’t following up with a professional, you could do something that is actually harmful to your overall health. That being said, I don’t see it a problem if you want to give up dairy, eggs, gluten, or any other foods for a while to see if you have some sensitivities to them. You don’t need a medical degree to know what doesn’t make you feel good. I just believe that people are sometimes too quick to jump on the cleanse and detox bandwagon before doing their research. Throughout this process, my naturopath has also told me that I have to do what’s right for me. Sure, she has told me to avoid these foods because they are foods that many people have allergies/sensitive too. She provide an exact meal plan to me, as she doesn’t know what foods work best for my body, only I know that. Whereas, many popular cleanses and detoxes have very strict programs that you are told to follow in order to help “cure” your health problems. She has even advised me to eat between the hours of 9am-6pm, but has told me that I need to eat when I am hungry.

In conclusion, don’t do something because it’s trendy, do it because you want to feel better! We are the only ones that can know if our bodies are okay with certain types of foods or not. And the whole “cleansing our toxins out of our body” is complete BS. Our kidneys and liver do this naturally, without the added help of special juices and other meals that deem to do so.