Fort Pierce Florida Recycling Policy

Fort Pierce Florida Recycling Center

There are multiple Recycling Centers in Fort Pierce Forida. Please check the link below to find the one that is closet to you.


Recycling Policy 

Like many other cities and towns, Fort Pierce Florida has a single stream municipal recycling system that allows for residents to recycle more of their items. As always, ensure that all items are clean before placing them in the recycling bin. Below is a list of items that can and cannot be recycled. For more information please check out the main website:

Do Recycle


·     Junk mail, catalogs and envelopes (no need to shred)
·     Shredded personal documents (place in paper bag only)
·     Boxes like cereal, pasta, frozen dinners and drink cartons
·     Shoe boxes / Cardboard boxes (flattened). Boxes containing, packaging peanuts, Styrofoam or trash will not be collected.
·     Newspaper, magazines, shopping ads
·     Phone books / Clean paper of all kinds
·     Protective paper wrapping on shoes, purses, etc.


·     Aluminum, tin and steel
·     Aluminum cans, foil & pie tins
·     Food cans for things like vegetables and soup
·     Metal drink cans - sodas, energy drinks, etc.
·     Other beverage cans
·     Empty aerosol spray cans
·     Aluminum foil and trays
·     Metal lids
·     Cookie Sheets, pots & pans
·     Manual can openers


·     All plastics #1 through # 7
·     Water/soda bottles
·     Detergent & Fabric Softener Bottles
·     Soap and shampoo bottles
·     Milk and juice jugs
·     Butter, sour cream and yogurt tubs
·     Syrup, peanut butter & squeezable bottles
  **remove water bottle caps before placing in the recycling cart.


 ·     Glass bottles and jars (all colors)


·     No Plastic Bags
·     No Paper Towels or Tissue
·     No Bottle Caps
·     No Food / Clothing / Shoes
·     No Batteries or Hazardous Waste
·     No Garden Hoses / Wood
·     No Propane or helium tanks
·     No shrink Wrap or Styrofoam
·     No Yard Waste or Tree Trimmings
·     No Electronics or Toys
·     No Juice Boxes or Pouches

For more information please check out the Quick Reference Guide
View a quick reference guide.

Compost Policy

I wasn't able to find any information on how to compost in Fort Pierce Florida or if they have curbside composting. However, I was able to find some information on the Synagro website, where they do provide a ton of information and other resources on how to compost correctly. It looks like they do have facilities in For Pierce Flordia. For more information and to check them out please visit:

Package Free Shopping 

Since Bea Johnson's app is closed for the time being, I will update this area of the guide once it's back and running!