Washington DC Recycling Policy

Washington DC Recycling Center

The Main Recycling Center in Washington DC is at 2000 14th Street, NW. 


Recycling Policy 

Washington DC recycling system does take a ton of items that many cities and towns Below is a list of items that you can and cannot recycle. Please make sure that you clean all of your recycling items. If you don't, then the majority of your recycled items will end up in the landfill. 

Materials we can recycle:


Cups & Containers

Flattened Cardboard

Milk, Juice, & Soup Cartons


Books/Phone Books

Junk Mail & Office Paper

(all items clean & empty)

*No Tissue


Cups & Containers

Bottles & Lids

Bulky Items

(all items clean & empty)

*No Plastic Bags

*No Foam Polystyrene

*No Straws or Utensils


Steel & Aluminum


(all items clean & empty)

*No Paint Cans


Glass Bottles / Jars

(all items clean & empty)

*No Windows or Ceramics

For more information on Boston's recycle policies please check out: https://www.boston.gov/departments/public-works/recycling-boston#what-we-can-recycle

Items You Cannot Recycle: 


Peanuts (foam packaging)

Plastic Bags and Plastic Wraps: Plastic bags, wraps, and film of any color, size or shape are no longer accepted in DC’s Curbside Single Stream Residential Recycling. Find more information here.

Compost Policy

Washington DC doesn't have curb side composting. You can bring your compost to the many Farmer's Markets in the DC area. For more information on how to compost properly, I have attached a link to the website here: https://dpw.dc.gov/foodwastedropoff

Package Free Shopping 

Since Bea Johnson's app is closed for the time being, I will update this area of the guide once it's back and running!