Litchfield CT Recycling Policy

Litchfield CT Recycling Center


Recycling Policy 

Now Litchfield CT residences have access to curbside recycling that gets picked up once a week. But, the recycling center also takes a lot of other recyclable items that can't go in your bin. All of the information can be found HERE!!! 

Please do not put your recyclables in plastic bags and also clean all your items before you put them in your bin. 

The town of Litchfield CT also has access to information on how you can donate, fix, and recycle everyday items properly!!!! Find that info HERE!!! 

Compost Policy

Guess What?! Litchfield CT has a Municipal Composting System!!!! This means that they have curbside composting. By putting your compost into a bin, the city is able to produce their own organic and natural soil to sell back to you, businesses, and farmers. This will help you reduce your trash even further without actually having to make your own compost pile. For all the information on what the Litchfield Composting System allows check out HERE!!! 

Package Free Shopping 

Since Litchfield CT is very small, there aren't a ton of Package Free shops. Hopefully once of these are close and can be a resource for you. However, I highly recommend checking out local farms and markets, since I know that their are a lot of them in CT. (FYI I live in CT). 

Back to Earth

1315 East Main Street (Rte 202)

Torrington, Connecticut


Health Food Corner

390 Main Street

Winsted, Connecticut


Garden of Light

395 West Main Street

Avon, Connecticut


The Fresh Market

321 West Main Street (Rte 44)

Avon, Connecticut


Whole Foods Market

340 North Main Street

West Hartford, Connecticut