Orange County CA Recycling Policy

Orange County CA Recycling Center 

Information on All Recycling Centers in Orange County can be found HERE!! 


Recycling Policy 

Unfortuantley, Orange County doesn't have a curb side recycling program available to all of their residents. However, Waste Management is a company that will provide a bin and pick up your recycling on a weekly basis. Now they won't show their prices online, so I am not sure how much is would cost on a weekly or monthly basis. However, their are a ton of different recycling centers around the Orange County area. Hopefully you will be able to find a center near you. Information on how you can recycle with Waste Management HERE!!! And a list of recycling center can be found HERE! 

Compost Policy

Unfortunately, it looks like Orange County doesn't have curbside compost; however they have a bunch of resources for backyard composting and indoor apartment composting. I will have more links down below. I would also check in with farmers at your local farmers market to see if they could accept your compost. I would also highly recommend checking in with friends and family to see if they have a compost pile that you can drop your food scraps off too. 

How to Compost Indoor and Outdoors

What Can You Compost

Package Free Shopping 

Depending on where you live in Orange County, I think it's important to recognize that Farmer's Markets are the best package free option because they are local, plastic free, and usually cheaper than main stream grocery stores because there are no middle men. So I highly recommend asking around and checking for local farmers markets. However, if you can't find any, or for other food items that you can't find at the farmer's markets. I highly recommend checking out these package free stores! 

Whole Foods Market

2847 Park Avenue

Tustin, California


Whole Foods

2847 Park Ave.

Tustin, California


3775 Alton Pkwy

Irvine, California

Wholesome Choice

18040 Culver Dr

Irvine, California

Mother’s Market & Kitchen

151 E Memory Ln

Santa Ana, CA


3030 Harbor Blvd

Costa Mea, California

+1 (714) 751-6399

We Olive

3313 Hyland Ave. 

Costa Mesa, California


Savory Spice Shop

3313 Hyland Avenue 

Costa Mesa, California

(949) 284-0576

Mother’s Market

19770 Beach Blvd.

Huntington Beach, California

714) 963-6667

Whole foods

7881 Edinger Ave 

Huntington Beach, California


HB Farmers Market

15851 Gothard St

Huntington Beach, California

(714) 892-8600

Mother’s Market

24165 Paseo de Valencia

Laguna Woods, California



1447 S. Harbor Blvd.

Fullerton, California

(714) 441-1233

Northgate Market

710 W Chapman Ave

Placentia, California

(714) 528-1171