Philadelphia PA Recycling Policy

The Philadelphia Recycling Center 

3850 W Ford Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19131


Recycling Policy 

Very similar to other cities and towns in the United States, Philadelphia has a single stream recycling center, which means you don't have to sort your recycling. Please make sure that everything is clean and DO NOT PLACE YOUR RECYCLABLES INTO A PLASTIC BAG. This will clog up the system and make them have to shut down the center. I have left a full list of what you can and cannot recycle HERE! 

Compost Policy

Big Points for Philadelphia, who plans to be Zero Waste by 2035!!! Now they don't have curbside compost for everyone yet, they do have a company who for $18 a month plus the amount of the bin, will pick up your weekly compost. You can also purchase soil from them for your garden, plants, and lawn! More information can be found on their website HERE!  

Package Free Shopping 

Philadelphia is a big city. It's great that they have ton of package free stores!!! Please comment below if you have any other places that I should add to the list!! 

Everything fresh

1222 Walnut street 

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania


Whole Foods Market – Callowhill

2101 Hamilton St

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(215) 557-0015

Essene Market & Cafe

719 S 4th St 

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

+1 (215) 922-1146

Mariposa Food Co-op

4824 Baltimore Ave

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania


Weavers Way Coop

559 Carpenter Street

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Weavers Way Coop

8424 Germantown Avenue

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Creekside Co-op

High School Rd

Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

(215) 557-4480

Moms organic market

1149 Lancaster Ave

Bryn Mawr, Pa



Martindale’s Natural Foods

1172 Baltimore Pike

Springfield , Pennsylvania


Whole Foods Market

500 West Germantown Pike

Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania