How the Zero Waste Lifestyle Has Helped Cure My Acne

I have suffered from acne since I was 12 years old. I am currently 23 year olds and I haven't 100% cured my acne, but I definitely believe that the lifestyle has helped me improve my skin care and overall health. 

By transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle, I have stopped purchasing so much processed foods and items that aren't good for your health. I stopped experimenting with facial skin care products that seemed to only aggravate my skin, instead of curing my acne. I got rid of any oral medication that seemed to only mask the symptoms of my acne. All of these changes allowed me to simplifying my life and focus more of my energy on various issues that effect our environment, instead of those stupid little bumps on my face. 

My Glowing Skin Diet

During this time, I also began experimenting with my diet. I noticed that certain foods aggravated my skin and system. Currently my diet consist of mostly whole plant based food items, no gluten, no dairy, very little meat and eggs, no refine sugars, no processed foods, and a mix of raw and cook foods. I pretty much each the diet that everyone tells you should, but no one actually follows through on. 

Many of you may believe that this diet is impossible and to restrictive for anyone to follow. I believe that you have to find the diet and lifestyle that works best for you. Nothing starts off easy, but as you continue to find the positive outlook on the lifestyle and diet, and find that it makes you happy and healthy, then you can't imagine yourself otherwise. The only time I crave sweets and other unhealthy food items is when I am hungry and they are right in front of me. 


By eating more cleanly, I don't crave chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, or brownies that much anymore. My craving for refined sugars continues to reduced the more I experiment and introduce healthy foods into my diet. I have added my video on my Zero Waste Morning Routine below to help show you all how simple your routine can be! 



Lindsay Guarnieri