My Zero Waste Lifestyle

I have attempted to write this post about 5 different times. In previous posts, I was trying to connect different aspects of my life to the zero waste lifestyle. To be truly honest, my life has been nothing but wasteful. Despite owning ducks, gardening, and purchasing a vintage prom dress. I still purchased most of my clothes from Zara and Forever 21, bought items that came in disposable packaging because it was more convent, and continued to use my nasal spray for my allergies. I did all of these things without thinking about the impact it was having to my body and the environment. Instead of trying to make connections where there aren't; this post is about the ups and downs of my zero waste lifestyle.

I have always loved the environment and wanted to make sure that my life was full of extraordinary experiences. I had taken environmental classes and always saw myself as a great activist. Still, my lifestyle didn't reflect any of those values. It wasn't until I started the transition to a zero waste lifestyle, that I began to see my values reflected in my everyday life. 

Back in January of 2017, I was finally going to stick to my new years resolution. Not just for a month, two months, or even a year; but for the rest of my life. I felt proud of myself for making this decision. I also had many doubts about taking part in the lifestyle whilst living with non zero wasters. My family is full of stubborn people who believe that paper napkins are the best because they aren’t spreading germs around like dishrags and reusable clothes. They also believed that the lifestyle was too expensive, and would rather purchase things that they believed to be “just as good” and cheaper.

When I began my zero waste journey, my family wasn’t exactly on board. I wanted to yell at them for continuing to use paper napkins without thinking about their impact. I realized that yelling wasn’t going to solve anything. Instead, I have begun to talk with them about the positive aspects of the lifestyle that they could do to help make a difference. I explained to them that purchasing fast-fashion items might be more convent and cheaper; but they are also cheaply made and full of toxic chemicals. As a result, they have begun to start looking into more sustainable fashion stores. However, I have also learned to accept the paper napkins and dryer sheets that they will continue to use.

By accepting their waste as their waste instead of my waste, has also helped a lot in my transition. By tracking my trash in a mason jar, I feel better about the amount and the kind of trash I am producing. I continue to learn more about the products, people, and communities that believe in the lifestyle, and continue to make strides in spreading more awareness about the positive aspects of the lifestyle. I have attached my live stream below, check it out to find out more information about my story and the reasons I have decided to Zero In On My Impact! 

Uploaded by Lindsay Guarnieri on 2017-08-16.