Trendy and Sustainable: Adidas Sports Fashion Company

I have always loved fashion and clothes! During my transition into a more sustainable and zero waste lifestyle I stopped purchasing fast-fashion items because of the horrible impact the clothes have on the environment. For more information on the issues of the fast-fashion industry, please watch the True Cost on Netflix. I decided to only shop at thrift stores, goodwill, and secondhand stores. When I couldn't find a pair of sneakers that I like and came in my size, I decided to widen my search to sustainable stores. I was shocked to hear that Adidas, a trendy sports company that is plastered on every billboard in the world, could be a sustainable, eco-friendly company that cared about the environment. 

 Here are four different approaches that helps make Adidas a more sustainable company. 

Here are four different approaches that helps make Adidas a more sustainable company. 

Adidas is a famous sports company that since 1989 has made strides in making the company more eco-friendly and sustainable. In 2016, Adidas was listed fifth among the ‘Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World’ and was recognized as the leader in its industry. It was the third consecutive year that the company has been included in the Top 10 of the Global 100 Index. They are a plastic-bag free store, and have 50 ambassadors that have continued to try and save the oceans. Even thought their sneakers are made of our plastic, they try to use as much recycled polyester and ocean plastic as possible in the production of their sneakers and clothing items. The new Sustainable Strategy is a holistic strategy framework that follows all places where the items are created, designed, manufactured and shipped, sold and played.

I don't usually support trendy companies that are scattered around fashion blogger's Instagram. If more sustainable and eco-friendly bloggers talked about Adidas's positive impact --> fashion bloggers might consider to do the same to gain more followers --> then we can inspire other companies to do the same. Next time you are thinking about getting some new sneakers, work out gear, or even a cool tee-shirt, vote with your dollar for Sustainable Companies!