The beginning.....

I don't usually make New Years Resolutions, since most usually break them a week after the new year. However, at the end of 2016 I felt like there was something missing from my life. One night after watching way too many YouTube videos, I came across the zero waste movement. After watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of blogs, I realized that my lifestyle could actually help reduce my stress and coincide with my environmental beliefs. I had watched documentaries on the subject of plastic-free lifestyles, but never thought it was possible. As I began to conduct more research and change aspects of my life, I realized that attempting to create little to no trash was not only possible, but also empowering. 

By going zero waste, I have tried to send very little to no trash to the landfill. I do recycle, but I also try to minimize that amount as well. This is because most recycled objects that help create plastic chairs, tables, and other objects can't be recycled again, so they end up in the landfill. By making these changes, I have begun to limit my carbon footprint and show everyone how passionate I am about the environmental issues that our world is facing. Unfortunately, it is impossible to not create some sort of trash. I feel that any sort of impact is better than nothing. 

I am still in my transition period. This means that I do send trash to landfill until I can find wan alternative that is safe and effective for those products, food items, and other resources that I rely on a daily basis. I have found recipes that allow me to use things that I already own, including coconut oil and baking soda as toothpaste. During my research, I have found a community of all different types of people who are very respectful and committed to their lifestyle. This is important since the media has conduced this topic to only be for the millennial generation, aka the lazy generation. Despite all of this skepticism, I do believe that this lifestyle will only benefit my life. 

I hope to share more recipes, lifestyle updates, and other interesting posts soon!