My 3 Step Easy Skincare Routine

Cleansers, Makeup removers, toners, lotions, spot treatments, masks, scrubs, OH MY! My daily facial routine use to take me at least 20 minutes to complete because of all of the steps. Since going zero waste, I have simplified my beauty routine to consist of three easy steps morning and night! To give you a little back story on my skin, I have normal to combo skin, but it is very sensitive and acne prone.

Here's a little back story on my skin. I got acne at the age of 11 until I was 16, when I thought I had beaten it for good. However, during all four years of college, I suffered from severe cystic acne, due to stress and I think the water. I tried everything from drugstore products that people swore by, to high-end products that cost me an arm and a leg to purchase. I even went as far as to change my entire diet to a gluten free vegan, and hormonal medications, which I wont go much more into detail about. Unfortunately, nothing worked. However, once I graduated and moved back home, I saw a drastic change in my skin. Very little to no acne, and no more cystic acne! When I decided to go zero waste, I began re-evaluating all of the products that I had been using on my skin and see if any of them weren't actually necessary. In the end, I narrowed down my complex 8 step skin care routine, two times a day, to a mere three steps.

Those three steps are:

Wash: In the morning I take a reusable cotton round with some of my green tea, honey, and tea tree toner that I make myself every two weeks. I rub it on my face to get rid of any remanding dirt and oils that are on my skin. At night, I use a facial bar, that I buy in bulk at Whole Foods, and wash my face. It's great at getting all of my makeup off and cleaning my skin without irritating it.

Treatment: In the morning I will occasionally use tea tree oil on my acne spots to help treat them naturally throughout the day. It can be harsh and sting the acne, so be careful when using it. At night, I do use an acne product that my dermatologist recommended to me because it does help with a lot of the scaring that is on my face. I am currently looking into a zero waste more natural alternative, but haven't found anything that works this well.

Lotions: I use shea butter that I get in a tin at my local health foods store. However, I am looking into recipes that may add some beneficial products to my skin. For now, the shea butter helps moisturize my skin without making it to greasy.

That's it! It's crazy to think that I use to rely on facial scrubs, masks, complex toners that usually broke me out more, when I could have been sticking with these amazing products all along. Better yet, most of these products help me achieve my zero waste lifestyle! My face has never looked better and my confidence has never been better. There are days that I show up to work without makeup on if I know I wont be meeting with anyone important. Honestly, the people in my office have no idea that I don't wear makeup a lot.