5 Easy Ways to be More Sustainable!

When I tell people that I am going zero waste, they always reply with, I could never do that. I have created this blog to highlight the zero waste lifestyle and why everyone should get involved. It's not an overnight process, it takes time to begin sending less trash to landfill. Here are some easy steps to help make your transition easier! 

1) Plastic Bags:

Go to an event, party, or any sort of social gathering, you have probably come home with a canvas bag filled with goodies. That canvas bag can be reused as a shopping bag when you go to the grocery store. This means no plastic bags! A lot of stores will even take a percentage off of your final bill for bringing your own bags! 

2)Bar Soap:

For many years, soap bars have been deemed unsanitary because a person is putting their hands all over the bar. However, according to sources, if the plastic soap bottle aren't cleaned regularly, they can be filled with more bacteria than a bar of soap. Also, when a person purchases a bottle of soap, they are also purchasing the water that helped turn the bar of soap into a liquid. Save the cash and purchase the bar! 

3) DIY: 

Did you know that you could create your own toothpaste, hair spray, and household cleaner. These are three simple products that you can create by using regular household products. I guarantee that if there is something you enjoy using, someone has created a recipe to make it yourself for cheaper! 

4) Metal or glass reusable water bottles: 

Did you know that it takes twice the amount of energy and water to recycle a plastic bottle then it does to create it. Metal and glass bottles usually last longer than plastic ones and safer to dispose. I understand that plastic reusable bottles and containers are cheaper than metal and glass, but save the cash and invest in something that will last. 

5) Menstrual Cup:

Ok, so this is just for people who menstruate. The menstrual cup seems disgusting because a person could have to fingers into their body. What sounds scarier is toxic shock syndrome, that can occur when a pad or tampion are used for too long. A menstrual cup collects the blood and only has to be dumped/changed twice a day. You don't have to worry about changing something every couple of hours. At the end of your cycle you sterilize it with boiling water and hydrogen peroxide for around 5-10 minutes. I am not sure why more health centers don't recommend them more often. 

These five alternatives where the first ones I decided to invest it when I began my journey. Honestly, they have helped me realize how easy the lifestyle is for my current situation. It isn't always the most convent, but these transitions do make it easier to realize how important this lifestyle is for the world.