Let's Talk About....Anxiety!

Mental Health and Wellness is a huge part of my personal zero waste lifestyle. Now, I have been struggling with anxiety since my First Year in College. It seems that the most popular way to deal with anxiety is to scramble around until you figure out what's "wrong" with you and try to find simple medications that will "fix your anxiety". Now for many, I do recommend that they take some forum of medication. However, I have such a mild forum of anxiety, that even the lowest doses of medications actually creates more problems than solutions. That's when I started conducting some research and trying to figure out where my anxiety was coming from, and if their were any natural supplements that I could take to help control my supplements. (Side Note: I did see a counselor from my first year to my senior year of college who helped tremendously with my anxiety.)

I have talk about this before on my Instagram, but I don't drink coffee anymore. Back in college I use to drink a Medium size latte every morning. Unfortunately, the caffeine would still be running in my body at 3am. As a result, my body would go into ultra panic mode, making me feel like I had to run a marathon. During my junior year of college, I decided to quite drinking coffee. To this day, I have decided to only drink green tea to help me wake up! Green Tea has a ton of great antioxidants, vitamins, and other amazing properties for your health and well being! It has just enough caffeine that it helps wake me up, without also waking up my anxiety! (Side Note: I also have to be careful about Black Tea as well, since 2 cups of black tea equals one cup of regular coffee, whereas 4 cups of Green Tea equals 1 cup of coffee.) 

During all four years of college I had bad cystic acne. I have struggled with acne since I was 12 years old. Once I entered college, it got even worse. I hated it so much. I tried everything to make it clear up. That's when I first found out about my hormone imbalance and decided to go on birth control. Now, this didn't change my anxiety and actually made my skin clear up a little bit, but wasn't the solution to my problems. (Side note: I will go more in-depth in another post about why I have decided to stay on the pill.) During my senior year in college, I decided to go on a hormone supplement that would change my life. The name is Spirolactone, and it's a hormone supplement that helps regulate the testosterone in your body. It sounds great right?! Just to let you know, I don't take the medication anymore.

The medication helped to drastically clear up my skin! (Side Note: the water at my college was also very hard, which was problematic for my skin.) As a result, I thought that I should go off of the medication. It went really well for about 5 months off of the medication, until I go laid off from my job. I wont go into to much detail since I have talked a lot about my personal job search. I will say that this caused my anxiety to spike, causing my skin to flare up.

The majority of people would just go back on the medication RIGHT? Well, I didn't want to because I thought that I needed to start taking care of my anxiety and my skin by myself. I am still on birth control pills, because it has helped a lot with my hormone imbalance. It definitely took some time getting use, but now I feel AMAZING!!!!! It was around this time that I also stopped wearing makeup everyday as well.  I realized that makeup, or no makeup, acne, or no acne, nothing changed. My bosses still respected me, I felt empowered to speak up and with others, and I have lead a social platform with people that couldn't be more awesome!!!! I did it all with acne!!!! 

Makeup has always been a creative outlook for me, which is why I do wear it occasionally. I love DARK LIPS!!!! I also feel like I use to wear it as a shield to hide my anxiety and skin problems!!! Last night, I went to dinner in New York City with my parents without any makeup on, which is something I would have never done a year or two ago. 

I know that many of you have been waiting for a video all about my essential oils. However, instead of doing one long video; I am going to break them up into a seires of videos! Here is the first one all about the oils I use to help combat my acne and anxiety!!! Enjoy!!!