My Fall Capsule Wardrobe!

There are a lot of different types of capsule wardrobes. The most popular Capsule Wardrobe is Project 333. In this capsule wardrobe, you are supposed to have only 33 items, including shoes,  that are changed every 3 months. I have always enjoyed fashion, and believe that this strict limit doesn’t allow me enough creative freedom. With the help of some awesome minimalist fashion bloggers, I have curated the best capsule wardrobe for any season. I love my current fall wardrobe the most because it’s me. The best part of all is that I have found ways to ensure that it stays me!!!

1.     What are your Fashion Words and Colors!

This little tip is from fashion blogger Budget Bohemian, and is the best start to any wardrobe. Before you start purging, find the three words that you want your wardrobe to capture. This season mine are Comfort, Vintage, and Adventurous! These are the two pieces that I believe best exemplify my words. My colors are burgundy, brown, and black! Even thought I have ventured out of these three colors a little bit, I believe that these words and colors allow you to be critical of every piece you currently own or will at some point in the future. Live by these words and colors, and your wardrobe will make itself!!!

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2.     Take everything out and lay it in one spot!

I take everything that I own it put it on my bed. It’s a ton of clothes, but it really shows me how much I actually own. It may seem overwhelming, but I swear this will help you see that you may be hoarding some unnecessary items that you have to get rid of. Make sure that you leave enough room to make three piles. One for keep, another for maybe, and another for donate or to reuse. (side note: I always take EVERYTHING I own out onto my bed. I know that many wont have enough time, so you can just do your fall clothing items if you want to).

3.     One at a time

Take each one of your items and look at it critically. Does it fit in your color and words palette? Can you wear it with more than just one other item? Do you truly love the item? If the item answers all of it with a yes, then keep it! If it answers most of the questions with a maybe, then put it in the maybe. If it answers all of the questions with a no, then get rid of it by donating or turning it into something new! This section of decluttering takes a while, sometimes the whole day, and can be emotionally and physically draining. You will love yourself after your done!

4.     Take another look!

Put all of your Yes clothing items into your closet. You can start with just the fall items and move your way through your closet. Once you have done this, then you can start looking at your maybe pile more critically, do you already own a bunch of the same items? Do you really need it? Does it fit? If you believe so, then add it back in, but switch the hanger. That way when you reach for the item and put the hanger back, you will actually know that you wear that item. However, if the item answers all the questions a second time with a no instead of a yes, then put it in the donate pile.  

5.     Arranging your Capsule Wardrobe!

I have a big walk in closet with shelves and hangers. This means that I am not able to hide all of my clothes that I don’t wear the rest of the year, and only leave out those that are in my capsule wardrobe. Instead, I divide my wardrobe into seasons. The first part of my wardrobe is for my current capsule, and the rest are for the other seasons. This way, my other clothes do not distract me when I enter my closet and get ready for the day.

6.     Poshmark or Donate!!!

I would recommend trying to sell your clothing items to see if you can make some money on the side! If you donate your clothes, that item may go to someone in need, or it may go straight to landfill because they have too many clothing items. If you really want to donate your clothes, look up your local shelters and foundations, and find ones that aren’t as popular as the others. I wouldn’t donate to GoodWill, since they have been under a lot of fire for not paying their employees fair wages.



7.     Make the week’s so much easier!

Don’t you wish that a fairy godmother would come down in the morning and pick out your clothes for the day and lay them out neatly on the bed. I am not sure if this is going to happen anytime soon, but I do have a fashion hack that will make your life a little bit easier. When you are putting your clothes away, find some outfits, take a picture and store it in your phone. That way, when you are scrolling through your phone in the morning, you already have a couple of outfits to choose from that are in your closet!  

7.     Should I buy this?

Now that your done decluttering and formulating your capsule wardrobe, you may want to go shopping! What should you buy? Make sure that anything you purchase is made of high quality materials, I am currently not purchasing any polyester items, and that it will go with the majority of your wardrobe. If you need to some help, I would recommend taking pictures of a couple of items in your closet to ensure that your new items fit in your current wardrobe!

These tips will help you continue to downsize and curate a wardrobe that you love! I am currently working on hopefully downsizing my closet to be 20 items per season. I am far way from that goal, and I am okay with that because I love everything in my wardrobe. Whenever I step into my closet in the morning I am overwhelmed with the amount of clothes I want to wear!!!