April 2018


February 2018

The April issue of #ZeroWasteStoryTime was about how to Spring Clean your life with the Zero Waste mindset. These articles will help you declutter your spaces and your health to help minimize your lifestyle and feel free and to find the best way to go about donating and getting rid of your old and unwanted items, that isn't just tossing them in the trash. 

Feburary's issue of #ZeroWasteStoryTime was about EcoFeminism and Women in the Zero Waste Lifestyle! When we think of zero waste, we only think of trash...However, the environment and feminism really do go hand and hand. Don't know how? Take a look at this month's issue to find out! 

January 2018

The new year makes the start of something new and fresh! Many people have new year resolutions to make their lives a little bit more eco-friendly. This magazine issue is dedicated to just that. Take a look at it and find some new inspiration and ways to go about living your life that is more aligned with your values! This will ensure that your new year resolution turns into a life long journey! 

December 2017


When I was starting my transition to a more eco-friendly and zero waste life, I was afraid of the holiday season and all the waste that came with it. I was afraid that all of my presents would be wrapped in plastic lined paper. Worse of all, I was afriad that all of my gifts were going to be items that were waste full and not what I had asked for from my friends and family. But, I believe that this holiday season magazine will help you talk with others about the lifestyle and figure out the best way to make your holiday season a little bit less wasteful and more eco-friendly! 

This was the first issue of #ZeroWasteStoryTime. This issue is about anything and everything that has to deal with the zero waste lifestyle! You can find it here! 

November 2017